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The Prism CMP Soil Moisture Meter

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measures soil moisture content, allowing farmers to determine when and how much to irrigate their crops. Allyn Electronics wrote the applicationClick here to enlarge. program for this handheld device, designed and manufactures the daughterboard shown at right, and assembles these units for our customer.

Allyn Electronics designed, programmed, and manufactures this daughterboard for the PRISM CMP soil moisture probe. In addition, we install this board into the handheld units, install the software, and perform additional assembly and test services for our customer.


Labview Program

This is a screen shot of a LabView program Allyn Electronics wrote to monitor and record the fuel consumption, coolant and block temperatures, ignition and fuel injection timing, exhaust emissions and other parameters of a new engine design recently patented by our client. In addition, the program monitors the frequency and power output of a generator driven by the engine. Allyn Electronics also selected the appropriate data acquisition modules, interface modules and transducers for the system.


1000 Amp DC Clamp-on Meter

This clamp-on meter measures direct current up to 1000 amps. This unit was designed and built for a client as a proof of concept/show-and-tell model.


We will be posting more of our projects here soon!

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