64.  Nuclear Hypocrisy

63.  Two Questions

62.  That's what I saw

61.  The Butter Battle Book and Nuclear Weapons

60.  Living the Sermon

59.  God's will for me (and you)

58.  If You Eat Each Day

57.  Praying

56.  Peace be with you - or not.

55.  When it was just God

54.  When Jesus came back

53.  The Lord's Prayer, Part Two.

52.  Be like the plants.

51.  The Lord's Prayer

50.  New website: ncwpeace.org

49.  Why I Protest, Part Two

48.  Why I Protest

47.  Wanted: Real Church, Real Leaders

46.  Thoughts after reading Martin Luther King's "Strive Toward Freedom"

45.  Can we Morally Justify Our Nuclear Weapons?

44.  Martin Luther King Day vigil at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor

43.  What is Social Justice?

42.  Happy Armistice Day!

41.  On Ted Haggard.

40.  I am a Racist.

39.  It's Too Political

38.  Where have all the verses gone?

37.  They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Love. Or will they?

36.  Jesus the socialist

35.  Divine Obedience in Israel

34.  Think of how good that would feel!

33.  North Korea missile launches - so what?

32.  Divine Obedience

31.  A Wonderful Thing Happened To Me.

30.  I Love Everybody

29.  Lars Clausen, activist and author

28.  Jim Allyn's First Law of Forwards

27.  If you agree, pass this on.

26.  Ways We Resist War Conference

25.  A Few Bible Stories, updated

24.  Universal Health Care: better health care for less money.

23.  A Few Bible Stories

22.  Glaciers, Part Two: Ice Age Floods, or: My God is an awesome God.

21.  Nukes in Iran?

20.  Glaciers, Part One: Global Warming

19.  Quotes for today

18.  The Endangered Species Act: Noah's Ark

17.  Book Report: “The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience”

16.  My "Open Mic" Presentation

15.  More Insane Hypocrisy from the Bush Regime

14.  Do what you can, at EVERY opportunity!

13.  Whose Outsized Military?

12.  Republicans Continue their War on Knowledge and Education

11.  In A Nutshell

10.  I am a Christian. And I Am Angry

9.  Peak Oil and Food

8.  George W. Meets His Maker

7.  Big Trees and Sagebrush

6.  Defending Against What?

5.  More "Defense of Marriage" Hypocrisy

4.  "Defense of Marriage"

3.  Values Voters - Child Executions

2.  Values Voters - Teen Pregnancy

1.  Values Voters - Divorce and Murder